Dear Diana,
I’m 25 and my girlfriend is 24. We’ve been together for less than six months and I feel she has a thing for my best friend. Every time he visits us, I feel she is out to impress him. He’s single and is relationship-phobic. I love him a lot and we are childhood friends, but this behaviour of hers annoys me no end. She just can’t stop praising him. I wish I could confront her directly, but I don’t wish to come across as an insecure boyfriend.
— Himanshu

Dear Diana

Dear Himanshu,
You are indeed an insecure guy, just because you feel she is comfortable with him does not mean that she has a thing for him. Remember your buddy comes to meet you and not her. As she is with you, it is obvious that they will also talk. If it is so much of a bother for you, meet your friend when you are alone. Chances are that the two don’t even think in that way, but because of your insecurities you feel they are up to something. It is time you grew up and shed your insecurities.

Dear Diana,
I’m 21 and in my final year of college. I don’t have a girlfriend, but my best friend happens to be a female. I’ve known her for the past five years and we are the best of buddies. However, I don’t understand her concerns when it comes to other girls. She gets hyper whenever I let her know about my interest in pursuing a relationship with someone I like. I’ve jokingly asked her whether she’s in love with me, but she prefers to keep mum.
— Gautam

Dear Gautam,
It appears that she is in love with you, but at the same time muddled in her mind. As you are buddies, she is not sure about the situation. A clear giveaway is when she gets hyper when you talk about girls who you are interested in. Ask her clearly what is on her mind and what is stopping her from saying it.