Dear Diana,
I'm 28 and my girlfriend is 27. We've been together for eight months. I have been extremely frank with her and told her about my past. There was a girl on my scene, but I broke off with her. She told me she never had a boyfriend. But I recently learnt about her past. I received an anonymous letter from a guy saying how she had dumped him. The note cautioned me to be wary of her and not fall for her sweet ways. I was taken aback. When I confronted her, she admitted that there was a guy on her scene two years ago, but her parents disapproved of him. After she decided to go her way, he turned vengeful. All these months, she lied to me that she did not have a boyfriend earlier. She could have been honest with me as I was with her. Should I continue in the relationship? Or just dump her?
— Aryan

Dear Aryan,
She has begun on a wrong note by hiding the truth from you. Due to this, you will keep doubting her honesty. A relationship is based on trust. As she has lied to you, you have every right to be angry and perturbed. You have to let her know that she took you for granted. Her ex guy is hellbent on creating trouble for her. She needs to first sort things out with him, so that he does not keep harassing her. Tell her that you are serious about the relationship. She has hurt you because of her lies. Unless she's willing to apologise and start afresh, there is no point sticking around with her. Take the relationship forward only if she is willing to make amends and get that ex guy of hers out of the scene. It appears that you are more serious and committed than her. If she is not serious about you and continue with her lies, it is better that you go your way.