'My girlfriend no longer cares for me...'

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend and I have been together for two years. For the last three months, however, her behaviour has changed drastically. She appears to be not interested and distant. She has also been lying to me. I have now found out the reason for her change of behaviour.

She fancies another guy. She is glued to her cell phone all the while texting him. When I questioned her, she admitted that she was bored of me. She says this new guy makes her feel special. He knows how to woo her. I had a lot of problems at the start of our relationship due to low self-esteem and issues with my family.

She was patient with me and helped me through it all, and I can’t thank her enough for that. So I wonder why she feels I am not her type now? We’ve talked about it and she’s apologised, but nothing’s changed. I know that she is interested in this guy. Should I just let her go?
- Ashmit

Illustrations/Amit Bandre
Illustrations/Amit Bandre

Dear Ashmit,
This girl has clearly lost interest in you. You are keen to not let her go as she helped you be a more confident person. She loved you then, but now does not care for you. It appears that the relationship reached a plateau and she got bored being with you.

There comes a time when partners take each other for granted. When she met this new guy, her wooed her and made her felt important. At the same time, if she really cared for you, she would not have so easily fallen for this new guy on the scene.

You need to sit down and talk it over. Tell her exactly how you feel. She has betrayed your love and trust. What’s more is that she was doing stuff on the sly, till you found out the truth. From the looks it, this girl is not interested in you. But she needs to tell you exactly what made a change in her affections for you before she goes her way.

Diana will solve it!
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