'My girlfriend's behaviour is irritating me...'

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend thinks she has a great sense of humour. Often, however, she overdoes it. She keeps making fun of me and cracks jokes at my expense. I find her behaviour irritating. I get the feeling that she is trying to be one up on me. I have told her about the situation, but she refuses to understand. When she is out with her pals and I am around, they all gang up to make fun of me. For a while, I would play along, but now I can't take it. I feel she is going overboard. I have tried to knock sense into her, but she refuses to pay any heed. She often messages her close buddies detailed stuff about me. The other day, I saw her SMSing her friend about how she had made a fool of me. Of late, we have been often fighting about her behaviour. I have given her an ultimatum to change her stance or face the consequences.
— Gautam

Dear Gautam,
You need to sit down and sort out the matter. It appears that your girlfriend does not realise that she is irritating you. She thinks she is trying to be clever and smart, but she seems to be overdoing it. Pulling your leg is fine when you two are together, but she is taking things too far. Messaging her pals about how she has made a fool of you is not cool. There seems to be a clear game of one upmanship and your girl wants the upperhand. You need to tell her exactly how you feel about the scenario. Ask her to put herself in your shoes. What if you had to constantly ridicule her? She sure would have thrown a fit and expressed her displeasure. You need to make her understand that she needs to go slow on her funny bit, but do it tactfully or things might backfire on you and put a further strain on the relationship.

Diana will solve it!
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