Dear Diana,
My girlfriend and I are planning to get married in December. We have been together for four years. We have decided to a low-key affair as both of us are not keen on having anything grand. I am committed to her. But last week she suddenly started panicking and feeling unsure. I tried to pacify her but there was really nothing I could do to put her at peace. She says she wants to marry me but at the same time she is scared! I fear she's going to back out of this. But I don't want to force her. What should I do and why is she behaving so odd?
- Prasad

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Prasad,
You have not spelt out what is playing on your girl's mind. Have you asked her what her dilemmas and apprehensions are? I think you should just hear her out and let her know that you'll be there for her no matter what she decides. You should also let her know that you'll go with whatever makes her happy. This might sway her a little more to get married since she will feel she has a secure man by her side who understands her. Or else, just let her be till she clears her muddled mind.