'My girlfriend suddenly stopped talking to me...'

Aug 10, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I had been hanging out with this girl for about eight months. A fortnight ago, while at a coffee shop, she told me she had a severe headache. She told me to go to a chemist in the vicinity to buy a painkiller. I stepped out, but when I returned with the medicine, she had paid the bill and left the place. I kept calling her and sending her text messages, but she did not respond. Her silence was killing me. So I spoke to a common friend about what had happened. I thought she would be understanding, but she went and told her I was asking about her disappearance. My girlfriend got annoyed and sent me a text message saying, “Get lost.” Now this common friend has also stopped talking to me. I do not know what made her suddenly leave the place. I only want to know what has caused this sudden change in her behaviour. If only she would tell me exactly what went wrong, I would let her be. Why can't she explain what is going on in her mind?
— Girish


Dear Girish,
She tells you she has a headache and then does the disappearing act. You are concerned because she just vanished into thin air. She could have told you and then left the coffee shop. It is clear that the headache was just an excuse. This girl is not interested in you. She would not have behaved in this manner if she loved you. The common friend has messed up things further. It is okay if she wants to move on, but she needs to tell you. By behaving in this odd manner, she is making things even more difficult. Right now, she seems to be in no mood to talk to you, so just let her be. At the same time, you are hurt as she has not told you what went wrong, but stop pleading with her to give you an explanation. Stop calling her and sending text messages. Just let her be for now and move on. You are better off without this psycho.

Diana will solve it!
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