'My girlfriend wants to keep our relationship a secret...'

Dear Diana,
We are college friends who are seeing each other. Now we have started working, but my girlfriend is secretive about the relationship. No one knows that we love each other. So far we have managed to keep things under wraps, but now I feel we should tell our folks. She is against it. I really don't know why she wants to keep it a secret even after three years of being together.
— Aaarish

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Aaarish,
To be secretive initially is understandable as you may not be sure of each other. But even after so many years when you are comfortable and serious about each other, it is rather strange. Your girl has to tell you why she does not want her family to know about it. No matter what people may say, if you really like someone, you shouldn't be ashamed to say it. If she is dilly-dallying, she is not worthy of your love. Give her a time frame and if she does not relent, you need to do rethink about her affections for you.

Dear Diana,
I feel my girlfriend does not care about me. We have been together for four years, but of late we often end up fighting for the most silliest of reasons. Sometimes I feel we are not meant to be together. I am sticking around hoping things will improve on our front. Are we bored of each other?
— Joe

Dear Joe,
You two need to have a serious conversation. Something is amiss in the relationship. Irritation and anger is causing your girl to argue all the time. Are you taking her for granted? At the same time you have to decide if you need to give the relationship another shot or part ways. You can also take time off each other and do a rethink. May be you two have outgrown each other and the romance has gone. Work on the relationship anew.

Diana will solve it!
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