'My girlfriend was flirting on Twitter'

Jul 11, 2016, 06:00 IST | Dr. Love

Q. I think my girlfriend was flirting with someone on Twitter last week. I confronted her and she said she wasn't, and added that she doesn't even know the person. What should I do about this?
A. If she says she wasn't flirting, she probably wasn't. If she doesn't know the person at all, how can this possibly bother you? She's with you, not someone else, when she's not on Twitter. What she does using her account is her business.

Q. I am an aspiring fitness model by profession and work in a gym as a trainer to cover my supplements, food and other expenses. I have been approached by men offering me money for sex, which has got me wondering if I should go for it to earn some quick cash. I'm straight though, so I'm worried about whether this may change my sexual orientation. Will I start liking men more? I don't see myself enjoying sex with men.
A. What I find disturbing is not your concern about your sexual orientation, but the fact that it troubles you more than the act of prostituting yourself for food and supplements. Let's try and figure out why you think you need to put yourself into this position (pun unintended) just because you need to pay a few bills. You seem to be gainfully employed in an industry that offers a fair amount of scope for growth, you have plans for your own future that you are supposedly working towards, and yet, despite not being destitute or directionless, you want to consciously have sex in exchange for money to pay a few bills. If you're heterosexual, you can't change that about yourself, just as homosexuals can't help but be homosexuals because that is how they are genetically wired. I would advise you to think a little less about whether you may turn into a homosexual and a little more about your life choices at this presumably early stage in your life and career.

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