Dear Diana,
I am 19 and my girlfriend is 18. We love each other a lot and I know we are too young, but we we are planning a future together. Recently her brother and mom threatened me and told me to stay away from her. My folks have also told me to steer clear to avoid any problem with her family. I'm in a fix now. Should I leave her or just be pals with her?
— Junaid


Dear Junaid,
As you said you are too young to talk about marriage. So it is best that for the present just be pals with her. She can be your best buddy. Her family may have their reasons for not wanting her to be with you. Perhaps they are orthodox or it might be that they want her to concentrate on her studies for now. There is no point in having an altercation with her folks. Continue with the friendship and concentrate on your studies. Some years down the line when you two are older you can talk about commitment and taking the relationship to the next level.

Dear Diana,
I'm 25 and preparing for the civil services. Most of my friends are getting married whereas I'm studying the entire day. I had the opportunity to go abroad to work, but I decided to stay back and pursue my childhood dream. I love and enjoy what I do, but somehow I feel I'm missing out on things and falling behind whereas others are moving ahead. Also, I fear that if I don't make it to the civil services, it will be difficult for me for the rest of my life.
— Ronit

Dear Ronit,
Live in the present and stop worrying what will happen in the future. Instead, work hard for the civil services exams. Just because your pals are getting married, it does not mean you too should — to each his own. You are pursuing your dream, so strive to fulfill it and stop complaining.