My guy acts strange when I talk about marriage

Dear Diana,
I'm a 26-year-old woman in relationship with a 30-year-old colleague. We both claim to love each other but it's always me who seems to stick to those words. He used to be very engaging initially but lately he doesn't seem very comfortable with me. He even promised me that we'll get married within two years. My parents won't have any objection with my choice but he's the one who is having cold feet now. I've tried to talk to make him open up about what he feels but he keeps saying he loves me and changes the topic. Should I get out of this?
- Swati

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Swati,
He says he loves you and is in a committed relationship, so why does he evade the marriage question? It is obvious that he does not want to commit. You need to ask him why before taking any drastic step. There must be something worrying him due to which he is behaving in such a strange fashion. Your folks are okay with the choice, so there is something happening at his end. He needs to tell you what it is. You are 26 and he is 30. He needs to handle the situation in a mature manner by voicing his fears about marriage. Only after you have heard him out, decide the next step.


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