Dear Diana,
I have been with this guy, who stays in the neighbourhood, for four years. I am 29 and he is 31. Eight months ago, we fought and decided to stay away from each other. He began getting close to someone else which I could not bear. We decided to be friends again. But he was basically trying to decide whom he wanted to be with. Me or this other woman he had befriended on his family's insistence. However, of late, he tells me that I am the woman for him. He messaged me saying, "You have always been my girl". Then why does he not commit? Why is he still so unsure?
- Deepalee

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Deepalee,
Good heavens! You both are behaving like teenagers. At your age, things have to be handled maturely. He can't be so unsure and naive about who is his girl and who is not. By keeping his options open with the other woman, he is clearly playing safe as he feels things may not work out with you. He has sent you an SMS saying you have always been his girl, so then it is time he took the relationship to the next level. You have to tell him to make up his mind. He can't while away his time in this triangle. It is either you or her. This is something he has to choose.