Dear Diana,
I started dating my boyfriend over two years ago, and his friends have been supportive, but recently it feels like they've lost interest because I'm not the new girlfriend any more. I invited most of them to my birthday party last weekend, making sure no one was left out, but none of them bothered to let me know whether they'd come or not. In the end, no one did. The worst part: even my boyfriend did not.
— Mrinal

Dear Diana 

Dear Mrinal,
It looks like they are not taking you seriously at all. You are putting your heart and soul in whatever you are doing, but for them it is no big deal. It is like you can do what you want, but we will do what we want. You need to make your guy realise that he can't take you for granted. Make him hear an earful and tell him that his pals and he can't just take you for a ride. More importantly, it is time you assert yourself in the relationship.

Dear Diana
I've been seeing this guy for two months now. Everything is going well, but I got to the stage where I felt I needed to know where if anywhere things were leading. We had a chat and he told me he likes me and I am the type of girl he wants. However, not long ago he split with an ex of two years. He told me what happened and said she continually cheated on him. He said he was over her as he had anticipated the split for months. He said that currently he was enjoying his freedom and although he likes me he hasn't yet decided exactly what he wants. However, he has already told his family about me. I'm feeling confused about all this.
— Jess

Dear Jess,
Your guy is being honest, he is taking time because he has gone through heartbreak. Give him some time and I am sure he will commit. The very fact that he has told his folks means that he is serious about you.