'My guy does not like me hanging out with my pals...'

Apr 14, 2015, 06:12 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana
Though we get along well, my guy can sometimes get very insecure. This trait of his comes to the forefront when I am hanging out with my gang of pals. We are a bunch who have been together since our childhood days. He finds it strange that we are still in touch after so many years. I have told him he should also spend time with his friends, but he says he is not in touch with any of them. He finds it funny that we still keep talking about our school and college days. He accompanied me to one such outing and felt totally out of place. He asks me how can you still talk about what happened 20 years ago? How do I go about handling the situation?
— Raveesha

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Raveesha,
Your guy's fears and suspicions are unwarranted. There is nothing wrong in hanging out with your gang. If he has not maintained contact with his classmates, it is entirely his loss. You have to make him understand the sheer joy it gives you and your gang of going down memory lane. You are indulging in what you like doing and there is nothing wrong with it. When you are with your guy, you give him undivided attention, so there is no reason for him to complain or feel neglected. Just because he is chiding you, there is no need to feel guilty about it. There is something called 'me' time and everyone is entitled
to their own space and time away from their partners.

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