'My guy does not want to commit...'

Dear Diana,
I've been with my boyfriend for four years. Whenever I talk about marriage, he evades the topic. He tells me what is the hurry. I am 25 and he is 27. I want him to commit, but he does not. Should I call it quits? I feel he will end up marrying someone of his family's choice eventually.
— Sonalika


Dear Sonalika,
Explain to him that marriage can happen later, but at least there should be a commitment. You have your reasons for it in order to be secure. It is strange that even after four years of being together, he still can't make up his mind. It looks like he is just keen on being a pal. Check what he has told his family about you. Give him time. If he still dilly-dallies, give him an ultimatum. And then accordingly, take a decision to continue in the relationship or call it quits.

Dear Diana,
I'm 29 and in love with a distant relative. She is a year older to me. I'm willing to marry her. She was engaged to a guy, but it was called off by her parents as the guy turned out to be a good-for-nothing. I have confessed my feelings to my close pals, but I do not know how her folks will react. I have dropped enough hints to her, but she says she is not interested in marriage now due to her broken engagement experience.
— Vidyadhar

Dear Vidyadhar,
She may be wary of another relationship because of her broken engagement. Perhaps she needs time to heal. So tell her you are willing to wait. She should not feel that you want to marry her you out of sympathy. Also, what is stopping you from revealing your feelings to her and your family? You two are mature enough to take a decision and inform your folks. So, first start talking and then think about planning a future with her.

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