My guy's ex refuses to give up on him

Oct 06, 2011, 08:03 IST | Diana

Dear Diana,
I have been seeing this guy for the past four months. He was earlier in a relationship but broke off almost two years ago. My problem is  that his ex has not yet given up on him. She still pines for him. She hovers around him trying her best to attract attention. Though he has moved on and not interested in her, she still tries her best as she wants him back. This makes me feel like there is three of us in the relationship. How to I tell my guy to tell her to go away?
- NP

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear NP,
How can your guy turn a blind eye to what is happening around him? And how can he not tell his ex to stay away from him even when he has broken off with her. It's okay to be friendly with your ex but he should know where to draw the line. I can understand how you feel when she is around. Tell your guy how you feel and if things don't change reconsider your relationship with him. You don't want her to be hovering around especially if you are serious about him.

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