'My guy finds my best friend attractive...'

Dear Diana,
I have been with my guy for the past year. We are both 27. Of late, I feel he has developed a liking for my best friend. Every time she is with me, I feel he tries his best to impress her. He is all out for her and, at times, it is embarrassing. She has even asked me why he has started behaving like this. This behaviour of his annoys me no end. He keeps talking about her to me and cannot stop praising her. I have asked him why he is going overboard about my buddy, but he tells me not to be insecure. At the same time, he keeps forwarding her jokes and news alerts. He wants her to respond, but to my knowledge, she is not interested in him. I do not know what to do. Do you think the two have hooked up behind my back? Sometimes I feel my friend is telling lies. She is loving the attention he is showering on her.
— Laveena

Dear Laveena,
Instead of speculating you need to sit down and voice your fears. It could be that he is trying to get friendly with her. Or perhaps he is indeed attracted to her. Whatever is the reason, you need to put your doubts to rest. As she is usually with you, it is obvious that they will also talk. If it is so much of a bother for you, do not tag your friend along when you are catching up with your guy. Chances are that the two don't even think in that way, but because of your insecurities you feel they are having an affair. You appear to be caught between your best friend and guy. What has stopped you from striking a conversation ASAP? Your guy might just be indulging in some harmless fun with your buddy.

Diana will solve it!
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