Dear Diana,
I am 25 and in love with a guy of the same age. As he has the looks and the money, he flirts with a lot of girls. He says it is all harmless fun. He loves to brag about how many women fall for him. I am wondering... does he really love me or just says all this to make me jealous? Initially I never used to care about it as he is of a friendly disposition. But now my pals tell me I should stop him as things can get out of control. Whenever I try to confront him he tells me I am the only girl in his life. Then he asks me why I am behaving insecure. What should I do? 
- Reeta

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Reeta,
My girl... you need to do the same on him! The next time when you are with a group of boys flirt with them. He will be hopping mad and will be seething in rage. Later tell him this is how you feel when he does his bit of harmless flirting. If he has any sense, he will understand and stop his flirting game. You need to explain to him that a bit of fun with girl pals is okay but repeats of such behaviour will only spell trouble in your relationship. Also, you did not stop him in your initial days, so he gets a kick in having so many girls falling for him. Yet he says only you are for keeps! This man certainly needs a lesson in relationships and friendships. Being friendly with girls is fine but he should know when to stop.