'My guy gave me the biggest shock...'

Jun 15, 2015, 06:34 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
There is this guy I met eight months ago. I took a fancy to him. We started hanging out and I assumed that he was interested in me. I began confiding in him and there was nothing he did not know about me. A week ago, however, he gave me a big shock. He told me that he would be relocating to Pune. I was taken aback as he had hidden this fact from me. When I asked him how could he have not told me about his plan to shift from Mumbai to Pune, he just laughed it off. What came next was worse. He told me that his family had found a girl for him in Pune. I was heartbroken. He said his family would not approve of me. He also mentioned that it is better that I stop all communication with me. He even told me to find someone else. I was such a fool to have trusted this man. How could he have just dumped me like this? He has left me in a shock.
— Devina


Dear Devina,
You just assumed that he liked you. You mistook his hanging out phase with you as love. This guy was definitely not in love with you; he simply used you. He just did not look at you as someone special in his life. It is obvious that he considered you as someone to while away his time with. What stopped you from knowing what was on his mind? You were blindly in love with him, so you did not see it coming. You did not even realise that whatever he was doing was fake and that he would dump you. As you were not prepared for it, it came as a bolt from the blue. The suddenness is also not making you seek closure as he has just cut off all ties with you. Move on with your life and next time remember to know what is on the guy's mind to avoid a heartbreak. Whenever you feel depressed and get teary, just remind yourself that this guy did not deserve your love. He was a jerk and you are better off without him.

Diana will solve it!
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