Dear Diana,
My guy loves to take snapshots at every step he takes. He keeps uploading his photographs on Facebook. His cell phone is full of images with friends and family. Often in pursuit of a selfie, he has been resorting to dangerous stuff. The other day he went to his pal's 18th floor apartment and posed at the window to get the setting sun in the background. I am scared for him and have voiced my fears to him. At times, he has got so carried away that he has even fallen and hurt himself. After reading about the recent incidents of drowning at Bandra Bandstand and people losing their lives while taking selfies, I am worried about him. I have told him to stop taking selfies, but he is in no mood to listen to me. How do I rid him of his habit? I am on tenterhooks when he is out with his pals.
— Reema

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Reema,
Your guy seems to be a selfie addict. You need to caution him about his obsession. He needs to go slow, especially when taking selfies in the outdoors. The cops have even highlighted potential danger zones for taking selfies like the rocks at Bandra Bandstand where a collegian lost her life recently. I am sure he is aware of the recent incidents, so when you are around, stop him when he goes berserk for the perfect backdrop. It is okay if things are not perfect as these are just his personal snapshots. Also, you have to tell him to be alert when he is taking pictures at risky locations. Tell him that you do not want to pose for such pictures.