'My guy has moved to Chennai...'

Dear Diana,
I liked this guy in our neighbourhood. We were together for two years. Everyone knew that we were a couple. We had even spoken about marriage. Three months ago, however, his family took the sudden decision to relocate to Chennai. I was taken aback. He told me his father's business was not doing well so they decided to stay go back to their their hometown where they had a house. He told me a new place meant new beginnings. He was not ready to commit. I was shocked by his behaviour. Ever since he left for Chennai last week, he has not even bothered to call me. Nor is he taking my phone calls. I feel he has already lost interest in me. Should I move on? It is a difficult time for me.
— Beena

Dear Diana 

Dear Beena,
Your guy's behaviour is indeed surprising. If he was close to you, he would have told you the ordeal his father and family were going through. Strangely, he kept silent and revealed it only when he decided to relocate. For your guy it is a case of out of sight, out of mind. He might be busy and caught up with many things, but it does not mean that he can't make a short call or SMS you about what's happening at his end. Wait for a while and let him settle down. Then ask him if he is keen on the relationship. If he is evasive, it is clear that he wants to move on. He did drop you a hint by saying a new place meant new beginnings. Also, it appears that this decision to relocate might be due to other reasons. Find out if what he told you is the truth or there is more to it. Perhaps this was his way to find a way out.

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