'My guy has stopped talking to me...'

Dear Diana,
I like a guy who stays in my neighbourhood. We used to talk a lot, but all of a sudden, his attitude changed and he started evading me. I have been asking him what has gone wrong, but he prefers to keep mum. I have been asking him every now and then about his changed behaviour. He just does not reply. Should I just move on or wait for him to answer properly?
— Shakeela


Dear Shakeela,
This man is playing hard to get, so it is better that you just leave him. You are repeatedly asking him why he is behaving in such a manner, but he does not care to give you an answer. It is clear that he does not value your friendship nor do you matter to him. If you really mattered to him, he would have been more forthcoming and not left you in the lurch. Stop asking him and go your way. You are giving him importance and he feels that by being tough, he has an upperhand. Cut off from him immediately and next time find someone who values your friendship.

Diana will solve it!
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  • Prafull26-Feb-2014

    Eggjhacklee. Dump him,like you dump your dump while taking a dump.

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