'My guy has turned political all of a sudden...'

Dear Diana,
My boyfriend and I have been living together for two years now. There is no hurry to get married. I used to like the fact that he's not at all concerned about what's happening in the world. He was happy with his laptop, iPad and me. Now, all of a sudden, he's into politics and what's happening in New Delhi. This change in him is irritating me. I guess his colleagues have gotten to him and I didn't see it coming. He keeps talking about reforms and changes in India. I'm tired.
— Rosie

Dear Diana 

Dear Rosie
There is no need to raise an alarm just because your guy has become politically conscious. The country has just had a general election and a change in the government. A lot of youngsters are politically inclined today as they want the country to progress and they want to be part of the change. There is no need to fear as long as your relationship with him does not get affected.

Dear Diana,
I am 26 and my boyfriend is 29. I recently learnt about his past affair through someone I met recently. I was shocked and devastated. He had told me that I was the first woman he liked and fell for. He had clearly lied to me that he did not have anyone on the scene earlier. I love him a lot, but the fact that he hid his past from me is troubling me. I have been honest with him. Should I confront him or turn a blind eye to it?
— Nimrat

Dear Nimrat,
First check if this person is telling you the truth. Or is the person telling you for vested interests. Once you are absolutely sure of it only then confront him. If you think that your guy has deceived you, you have every right to ask him and get to the truth. A relationship based on lies and deceit cannot go anywhere. It is better to be honest and forthright.

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