'My guy is acting weird...'

Dear Diana,
I have been friendly with this guy for the past year. Last month, however, he started behaving weird. He would not call me nor reply to my messages for days. He would just disappear then suddenly pop up and things would be going on fine till he would disappear again. When I asked him about his behaviour, he said he was tied up at work. I found it strange that he could not even reply to my SMS for days. Fed up of his behaviour, I decided to take a break from him. It has been two months now. But last week I was surprised to see his SMS. He was keen to meet me and sort out whatever had happened. I just replied to him saying that I need some more time. Ever since he has been calling me and sending me text messages. Should I meet him? Wonder what is going on in his mind? Or should I just go my way?
— Rukhsana


Dear Rukhsana,
Your guy appears to be all messed up, but you can meet him to know what is going on his mind. Earlier, he may have been doing his vanishing acts, but perhaps he now wants to set things straight. He probably now has genuine feelings for you. He has been SMSing you and calling you as he wants to tell you what is going on. You need to sit with him and sort things out. I suggest you meet him once and then decide the future course of action. You have to make it clear to him that he cannot be playing on your emotions by his mysterious disappearances. It is strange that he does not even have time to reply to your SMS for days at a stretch. He just switches on and switches off according to his whims and fancies. He has no clue about the emotional upheaval that he caused you. Stop being used according to his convenience. Either he is with you or not. Accordingly, take a stand, if his erratic behaviour continues, it is better you walk away.

Diana will solve it!
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