Dear Diana,
My guy and I have been together since class 11. We are both 26. After college, we had made up our mind that we would be together. Both of us are working and meet only on weekends. Of late, I feel my guy does not care about me. We end up fighting over it and he tells me he doesn't need this stress in his life. I just don't know if I should just leave, or stick it out and hope things get better. It appears that my guy has become bored of me.
— Heera


Dear Heera,
You need to sit down with him and talk it out. Something is wrong on his end and if you guys argue all the time, you have to decide if you need to give the relationship another shot or just move on with your lives. You can also take time off each other for a while and do a rethink. May be you'll have outgrown each other or the spark has gone. Either make it work out or begin anew or decide to go your way.

Dear Diana,
I'm 28 and my boyfriend is 26. We get along well, but I love to be with my girl gang as well. We are a bunch who have been together since our school days. He finds it strange that I like to spend time with my girl gang rather than be with him all the time. I tell him it is okay to do your thing for a while. I have told him he can also hang out with his bunch of pals and pursue what he likes doing. He finds this strange.
— Maleeha

Dear Maleeha,
What you are referring to is 'me' time which is important for everyone. You are indulging in what you like doing and there is nothing wrong with it. When you are with your guy, he gets undivided attention and that is what matters. As long as you are not cheating on him, there is no need to feel guilty about anything. Everyone is entitled to their own space and time away from their partners.