Dear Diana,
I got the biggest shock of my life recently. My guy, who I was with for the last three years, suddenly decided to dump me. He is getting engaged to a girl of his family's choice. All this while, I thought he was the perfect match for me but he did not even have the decency to tell me what was going on for the past few months. He now tells me his folks do not approve of me and that he can't go against his parents' wishes. He now wants me to stop all communication with him. Overnight, I have become a stranger to him. It came as a bolt from the blue. I cannot yet overcome what he has done to me. He just used me and discarded me at his whim and fancy. Even when I had visited him at his home on several occasions, I had no inkling that they did not like me.
— Dhvani


Dear Dhvani,
Three years is a long time. If your guy was committed to you, he would not have agreed to the engagement. It is clear that he did not speak up for you. If he loved you and respected you, he would have stopped his family from finding a match for him. His parents may have felt that the girl of their choice is best for him, but strangely he is even accepting her as his wife-to-be. His family was well aware of your relationship, so it is strange of them even to fix another match for him. I am sure there is more to it. You find yourself in a helpless situation with no one to turn to. You invested a lot of time and energy in making the relationship work. But this guy does not care for your feelings. It is better that you forget him and move on in life. The next few months will be difficult, but you will have to be strong and get going. Time will heal. This man did not deserve your love or he would not have behaved like a wimp.