'My guy is going abroad...'

Dear Diana,
My boyfriend is moving from Mumbai to Dubai for better job prospects. He is in the hospitality sector and has bagged a good offer. He moves next month, but I have already started suffering from separation pangs. I have my doubts for how long our relationship will last as distance is sure to take a toll. I have already expressed my reservations about it to him, but he says distance will not affect our relationship. He says that we will still see each as other as often as we can, but I know we can't afford to travel so often between Mumbai and Dubai every now and then. I work in a PR company, so work is hectic for me as well. I am sure that we will drift apart as soon as he takes off. I believe in the dictum: Out of sight, out of mind. What do I do? Should I tell him that it is better that we go our way before he leaves?
— Shailaja

Dear Diana

Dear Shailaja,
He has not yet moved, but you have already started reacting. First, let him take up the job and see how things work out. At the moment you are overreacting. Give him a chance to settle down in his new job. If you can't meet often, you can talk to each other over the phone, Skype, WhatsApp or chat online. There are many couples who are in a long-distance relationship out there, so it is not that it is something you cannot handle. You two just need to show that you are there for each other. As long as you are on the same page, the geographical distance does not matter. So stop getting anxious for now and give the relationship a chance before severing ties with him.

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