Dear Diana,
My boyfriend is moving to Bengaluru in February for better job prospects. He has got a job in a software company. It was a tough decision, but he had to accept it as it was a lucrative offer. He plans to move to the US in the near future and this assignment might just help him. He says he will not leave me and that I will always be in his thoughts. We have been together for four years. He has also told me that he will drop in whenever he can. I know it will be tough, as it is a new job, he cannot ask for leave. Besides, the cost involved of travelling to and fro will prove to be a costly affair. I know that this long distance relationship will not work. I am afraid we will drift apart. What should I do? Initially, I was against the decision, but later I gave in when he told me how this stint will help him in the future. As the day draws near, I am getting more and more anxious about his departure. What should I do?
— Janice

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Janice,
You may not be able to meet, but there are several other ways of staying in touch with him. You can talk to each other over the phone, send SMSes or chat online through Skype. He is making a career move and you need to support him, instead of moaning and groaning about his going. You just need to show him you are there for him. There are several couples in long distance relationships. In your case, it is not too far away. Mumbai to Bengaluru is not a long-haul flight. If he cannot make it to Mumbai, you can fly down to meet him. There are several economical options available for online flight bookings in advance. As long as you both keep the communication going, you two can beat the distance aspect as several couples do. Also, it is only for a few years before he takes another job hop, so be patient and support his decision.