'My guy just walked out on me...'

Mar 18, 2014, 06:11 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
Seven months ago, my guy decided to go his way. I felt he owed me an explanation for it, but he just refused to say anything. We have not been in touch at all. Last week, I bumped into him at a common friend's wedding reception. He pretended as if nothing happened. He did not even look at me, forget acknowledging me. I am heartbroken
— Rahima


Dear Rahima,
Your guy just decides to severe all contact with you. Despite trying to get a reason for it, he ignores you and you still have feelings for him. If he cared for you, he would have at least told you the reasons why he suddenly decided to go his way. He needed to give you an explanation. You have to overcome your heartbreak and move on. Ignore him the way he does to you. He may have found someone else. Remember he did not deserve your love. So don't waste time and go your way, you deserve better.

Dear Diana,
I have fallen for an office colleague. I drop her home often and try to spend as much time as possible with her even though she keeps reminding me that one day we will be caught as she is married. What should I do? I am single. I am besotted with her. I know we may not have a future, but I feel she is the woman for me.

Dear Sahil,
You and your colleague know very well that you are playing with fire. Remember this is going to affect not only your families but even your professional lives. Being a close friend of a colleague is okay, but you are crossing the line. You will become part of office gossip. She does not want to lose you as a friend, but you see her as a lover. If you don't want any hell to break loose in your professional and personal life, stop seeing her. If not, brace yourself for the consequences.

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