Dear Diana,
I am in love with a guy who loves to flirt at any given opportunity. My pals have warned me about him saying that he is a womaniser, but I feel he is the man for me. He keeps sending SMSes to women. I am aware of it and he tells me he is only forwarding jokes and stuff from the net. As long as he does not cross the line, I do not mind. They tell me that he will dump me one day, but he tells me that I am the one for him. He treats me well and splurges me with gifts. Should I stick around with him or call it quits? We have been together for a year. What should I do as I am deeply in love with him? At the same time, I often worry whether my guy is taking me for a ride. Am I inviting trouble being with him? When I tell him my fears, he tells me it is a guy thing and forwarding jokes is not a cause of worry.
— Nishika


Dear Nishika,
You are in love with him and, as they say, love is blind — so you cannot see the truth. You are preferring to turn a blind eye, but at the same time you cannot be immune to what people talk about him. He tells you that you are the one for him and that he cares for you. But at the same time, he goes around sending SMSes to other girls. He tells you they are jokes and stuff from the internet, but have you seen what he sends? Also, it is strange that he indulges in such stuff when he is committed to you. He might tell you that it is a guy thing, but it could be a signal that there is something amiss. He seems to have charmed you by his wit and humour, but are you falling a prey to him? If so many people are warning you about him, then there is definitely something amiss. If you are hopelessly in love with him, talk to him about it and tell him all the buzz about him worries you.