Dear Diana,
I got engaged last month to this guy I was seeing for two years. We plan to get married in May. But there is one habit of his that I detest. He loves to go online to chat with other females. Does this amount to cheating? I argue with him to stop as he is now in a committed relationship. I feel this can lead to bigger problems? But he says what he does is harmless. How do I explain it to him?
- Rita

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Rita,
As you chat with friends and office colleagues in the real world, you can similarly chat online. As long as it is casual conversations it is okay but if it sexual then it is an area of concern. If you are finding your fiance always preoccupied with his online friends, then perhaps there is a problem. Why don't you find ways to spend free time together? Pursue a hobby or hang out together. This might get him off chatting on line. Still, if it is a source of bother to you, talk to your fiance and voice your concerns. He may laugh it off but let him know that it is affecting you.