My guy only likes to flirt with me...

He is from Dharwar and stays on rent. About a year ago, we stared talking, and now I am in love with him. I have told him that and he says he loves me too. But there is nothing I know about him or his folks. He does not like talking about them. He only likes to tell me sweet things and how much in love he is with me.
– Iram

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Iram,
I think this guy is taking advantage of you. And you my dear are being totally naive. What can’t he tell you about his folks in Dharwar? That is if he is from there. He looks like those out of town guys, who will promise you marriage and everything. And then one day disappear. In my eyes, he is a jerk! I’m sure your parents will not like him. He isn’t worth your time as he is only sweet talking you. If he was serious he would be taking the relationship to the next level. Clear enough indication that he is not serious about you.  

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