'My guy only wants sex, nothing else...'

Dear Diana,
I am 22 and my boyfriend is 26. We have been together for two months. The problem is that he is always pestering me for sex. When I say no, he sulks and does not talk to me and even tells me that I will lose him. He feels this is the only way I can prove my love for him. I am not yet ready to get physical with him. He just does not respect
my wishes.
— Amaira

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Amaira,
If you are not ready for a physical relationship, the guy needs to respect it if he really cares for you. You have been giving in to his demands, so he cannot take a no from you now. Many men feel sex is a way to secure their relationships with woman. You might be unsure about him as it is hardly two months of knowing him. Explain your reasons to him and tell him you need time. If he is a mature and sensible person, he will respect your wish. If he is going to sulk and threaten to leave you, then you need to do a rethink about the relationship.

Dear Diana,
I'm madly in love with this colleague of mine. I know from the other folk at work that he is not married nor in a relationship. I don't know whether he's good for me or no, but I'm interested in him. How do I get to know him? I see him every day in office, but I cannot muster enough courage to talk to him. We even sit on facing desks at the workplace.
— Swapna

Dear Swapna,
First you need to get to know this guy. What has stopped you from being friends with him? As he is your colleague, there are several common things to strike a conversation — from office politics to bosses to the canteen and quality of coffee served. You can always talk to him with work as the excuse. Once you get to know him, then decide if he is boyfriend material.

Diana will solve it!
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