Dear Diana,
My boyfriend recently proposed to me. I am 26 and he is 30. I have known him for almost a year. We plan to get married in January. Before I came on his scene, he was friendly with another girl. He had told me about her and said that he was not in touch with her ever since they decided to part ways over a petty quarrel. But ever since we have decided to get married, his ex has started calling him again. He tells me that she cannot forget him as they had been intimate. She felt he would not marry me and eventually be back with her. Now he does not know what to do. When I asked him why he was even talking to her, he said he has no choice as she is flooding him with calls and text messages. I can't understand what's going on in his mind. I am confused whether my guy loves me or her. What should I do?
— Romana


Dear Romana,
It appears that your guy is keen to rekindle his romance with his ex. If he was over his ex, why would he even respond to her calls and SMSes? I don't think this man loves you and it shouldn't be hard for you to figure this out by now. He talked about marriage and this was his way of going back to his ex-flame. He is now coming up with excuses how he does not know how to avoid her advances. The fact is that she remains his priority. He just chose to be with you when she was not around. You would be foolish to still want to be with him. He seems to be into this woman completely and will dump you. Move on, and find someone stable, but not before giving him an earful. All this marriage talk was an excuse to get his ex on his scene again and for you to make an exit. This man is surely a jerk and does not deserve your love.