Dear Diana,
I am close to this guy who I met three years ago. He means everything to me. When I first met him, there was this instant connect. We are extremely comfortable with each other and I can talk to him on any subject under the sun. I know that sometimes he feels that he should not be with me. My worst fears came true recently when he told me that his parents want him to get married. They are looking for a girl for him. I always felt that I would be the woman in his life. When I asked him why he has refrained from telling his folk about me, he says they would never agree to me. He feels I will not fit in with his family. I really wonder why he is still hanging out with me. Should I still keep seeing him or just get out of the relationship? For me, he was always more than a friend while for him now I am just a friend.
— Mahira

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Mahira,
It is clear that this guy did not care for you nor was he planning a future with you. If he was, he would have told his family about you a long while back. You were aware that sometimes he felt he should not be with you, but that did not stop you from seeing him. You should have got the hint long back. This man cannot stand up for you. What does he mean by telling you that you will not fit into his family? Even if he marries someone else, she too will be different from his family. He is giving you a silly reason when the fact is that he is not interested in you. Get the hint and go your own way. You were serious about him, but this guy did not care for you or your feelings. If he did, then he would not have kept quiet about you all these years. This man was just looking for a romp and when it came to marriage, he would be the typical mamma's boy. Just walk out on him. This man is not at all worthy of your love.