'My guy suddenly cut off all contacts with me...'

Dear Diana,
I broke up with my guy in February. We were together for two years. Initially, things were okay, but for the last six months, we kept arguing and things just weren't working for us.

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

It was me who broached the topic of breaking off. He did not take me seriously. When I told him I was thinking about it, he was aghast and angry. He told me I had ego issues. Immediately, he just cut off all contacts with me. I told him that I was just talking about it and did not mean it, but he was in no mood to listen. My boyfriend is not even taking my calls or responding to my text messages. I bumped into him the other day. He behaved as if he does not know me. He has told some common pals that I am responsible for what went wrong and he does not want to see my face again. What should I do? I did not know that he would take things so seriously. I was just exploring the option of going our way. This was my way of telling him that things had gone amiss in our relationship and we needed to make amends, but he took it to heart.

- Nicola

Dear Nicola,
It appears that you still have feelings for this guy. You might have wanted to alert him that things were not as before, but he mistook it for your need to break away. Your guy just did not know how to handle it. It says a lot about his emotional maturity. The term ‘break up’ meant alarm bells for him, so in a fit of rage he decided to walk out on you before you did. Basically it became an ego issue. Even if you try to patch up with him and explain to him, things will never be the same like before. If you still want to make amends, try talking to him. Only if he is mature enough, he will be able to handle it. Or you are better off without him.

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