'My guy sweats a lot...'

Dear Diana,
I am obsessed with cleanliness and neatness, but my guy has poor personal hygiene levels. He often stinks and pays scant regard to being presentable. He says he has a problem as he sweats a lot. I have told him to use talcum powder and deodorants after he bathes, but he is least concerned. He was not like this earlier, but now he has just let himself go. He does not believe in the dictum: Cleanliness is next to godliness. Often, when he meets me late evening after work, I feel like pushing him under the shower. He needs to bathe at least two times a day. He always comes up with the excuse that commuting leaves him in a mess. But he does not take any effort to keep himself clean and neat. Often, his facial fuzz is in a mess and unruly. He also has cracked heels and dirty feet. How do I knock sense in his head? He says he is a guy so he can get away with an unkempt appearance.
— Deeksha

Dear Diana
Dear Diana

Dear Deeksha,
Your guy cannot take care of himself, so what will he take care of any one else? He needs to take one hard look into a mirror to realise how he looks. You need to tell him in no uncertain terms that he stinks till high heavens. You need to buy him some toiletries like a shower gel, face wash and a foot scrubber. He needs to make this a part of his daily bath routine. He also needs to liberally use deodorants and perfumes. Looks and appearances matter, so if he keeps himself neat and tidy, it will give a big boost to his self-confidence. It is strange that his family members do not say anything to him. Perhaps he is just lazy and has got away with his dirtiness, but he needs to stop pronto. If he cares for you, he will.

Diana will solve it!
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