Dear Diana
There is a guy at work that I like. He tells me he would hate to hurt me! I am floored by his wit and the way he loves to humour me! He is 33 and I am 22. Despite the age difference I really like his personality and sense of humour. Should  I just stay friends with him or see how far it goes? We have been going out together for the past few weeks. But what is disturbing me is the kind of talk that goes around in the office about him. I have from my colleagues that he is a womaniser. I am confused. He tells me he kinda loves me. What should I do as I have fallen for him? But I hate that he is labelled as a womaniser.
- Subur

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Subur,
You cannot ignore what your colleagues are telling you. They have been in the organisation for a longer time and know him better for the past several years. It is not a question of age as there are several women out there who marry a guy much older than them. What is of concern is his character. If he tells you he kinda loves you, it is a signal that there is something amiss. What does he mean by it? You seemed to be charmed by his sense of humour but that's how he is luring you. It is not too late to get out of it. But if you are hopelessly in love with him, talk to him and get things cleared. But tread with caution. Remember you are only 22 and that you have a lot of time before you want to commit to anyone.