'My husband came home with kiss marks...'

Dear Diana,
Last week my husband came home completely sloshed. He could barely walk and he said an office colleague had dropped him by the door. He was stinking of alcohol and had red lipstick marks on his cheeks and neck. I was taken aback. When I asked him, he did not know what to answer.

He was wondering what I was telling him. He just went to sleep. In the morning after he had freshened up and was in senses, I asked him again. He outright denied that there were any kiss marks on his cheeks. He said I was just cooking up things and when he is drunk, his face goes red.

This was his justification for those red lipstick marks on his face. I really wish I had taken a snapshot of his face in the night. I am appalled by his behaviour. He said it was an office bash and everyone went wild. That is all he remembers. I asked his office colleague who dropped him home and he just laughed it off. How could he not realise that there was a woman all over him at the bash?
- Shakira

Illustrations/Amit Bandre
Illustrations/Amit Bandre

Dear Shakira,
It appears that it was one of those wild nights out for your husband. He has no clue what happened as he was stone drunk. As you do not have any other evidence, you do not know how to nail his lie. You have asked his colleague, but his answer was evasive.

So perhaps your hubby was not in his senses and that things got so out of control that he can’t remember. This could be the case or it could be that he is hiding the truth. If his pal who dropped him home was so concerned, he could have wiped off the tell-tale red lipstick marks.

His behaviour is no doubt deplorable, so find out the truth from somewhere else at the bash. Perhaps at the bash there were some females who did it for kicks. Either way you need to tell him in no uncertain terms that it is disgusting and can’t be tolerated.

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