My husband cheated on me...

┬áThis all came crashing down two weeks ago when I caught my husband with my school friend. Though he says he’s very sorry about his actions, I’ve filed for separation. I don’t want my kids to suffer. They are too young to be exposed to the harsh realities of their dad. I’m currently staying at my parental home and I don’t know what will happen next. I keep asking myself whether I overreacted with him. Maybe I should give him a second chance. Should I?
— Riha

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Riha,
Everything was going well for you and you had no inkling of what your hubby was up to. Suddenly you found out and in a fit of rage you decided to walk out. Your action is justified because he has broken the trust you had in him. But you also need to listen to what he has to say and then make up your mind. Most likely he will come up with excuses but let him have his say before you take any extreme step. Also remind him that what if he had caught you in such a situation. Would he have accepted it? He will obviously say no, so he has to realise that what he has done is very wrong.

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