'My husband has a roving eye...'

Dear Diana,
I have been married for the last three years. Things were going fine till my husband met one of his old school pals. This friend is not married and has sworn to remain a bachelor all his life. He had relocated to Singapore, but is now back in Mumbai. My hubby has been spending a lot of time with him. In the process, he is also getting influenced a great deal by him. As his friend is single, I feel he is always checking out any women who comes his way. His friend can get away, but not my husband. I find his behaviour disgusting. Sometimes they make things so obvious that I feel they deserve to be pulled up and taken to task. Often, I accompany them on outings and when my husband gangs up with his pal, he goes berserk. I have told him to stop going overboard, but he says it is harmless fun. My hubby was not like this before. How do I tell him to stop checking out any woman who crosses his path?
— Trishala

Dear Diana

Dear Trishala,
It is clear that your husband is greatly influenced by his pal. He may have reconnected with him after a gap, but that is no excuse for him to do exactly what he says. The pal is single, but your husband is not. Moreover, it will spell trouble for them if they go berserk, some woman might go and complain about them which may lead to big trouble for them. You need to calmly explain to your husband that his behaviour is not done and that it will lead to problems for him. He cannot go by what his pal is saying. This pal has a roving eye and your hubby is doing exactly what he says. It is time he stopped being dictated by what his pal says. He might think that you are trying to take him away from your pal, but you need to be tactful. He can be friends with him, but he need not go overboard when he sees any woman

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