My husband has changed a lot

All was going well between us until I got pregnant and had to quit my job. I conceived after a long treatment and with lots of difficulty. Ever since we had our child, I’m seeing a drastic change in his behaviour towards me. He has become very insensitive. We haven’t had physical intimacy in more than a year now. He simply doesn’t talk anymore. I have directly spoken to him about this but his response remains numb. I’m worried about our son.
— Truptika

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Truptika,
Maybe your husband is going through some severe stress. As you have given up your job and he does not have a stable one, you find him a changed man. Also with a kid, there are additional responsibilities. Maybe he needs a little push from you to snap out of it. Moreover all this stuff should have been talked about before having a child. At the same time, he cannot shirk responsibility. The kid is equally his responsibility as well. What is irritating him is the fact that he needs a steady income. All this while there was always you to fall back on. Now that comfort has gone and he is feeling the heat.  

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