'My husband has long conversations on the phone...'

Dear Diana,
Of late, my husband has been hooked to his cell phone. His conversations are long and he always steps away to talk. I have even tried to eavesdrop, but he talks so softly that I cannot fathom anything. It is clear that he is looking at something more than just conversations with the caller. I feel he is attracted to another woman from the way he is all smiles after the conversation ends. My husband behaves as if nothing is amiss. A few days ago, we went to a party. Suddenly, he disappeared for an hour. He sent me a message saying that he had to attend an urgent call. On the way back home, I questioned him. He told me not to read too much into the calls. I don't know what to do. If I keep asking my husband, it will surely create problems between us. How do I know who the caller is?

Dear Diana

Dear Roshni,
You need to know with whom he is indulging in such long conversations. Do not waste any further time in telling your hubby what is on your mind. More importantly, he needs to tell you the truth. He is hiding things from you which is strange. This is making you speculate. It could be a work related call and things could be hectic on his office front, but he needs to tell you. Or it could be someone else. You feel there is another woman in his life. Your hubby may have fallen for someone, but he should realise that he is married. Sooner or later, things could take an ugly turn if he gets more and more involved with these calls. He is ruining things by being secretive. It is time he spills the beans and told you what is going on. If you need help, speak to someone else from the family or a close pal.

  • Krishan Wadhwa04-Mar-2016

    Roshni Ji Why u taking so much Stress in Guessing and Guessing.. scenario seems your Hubby is having a Flick outside your marriage... Rather than wasting time in guessing you can kindly hire a detective who can put rest to your insecurity with proof against your husband so you can confront him no chance to escape.. dont expect he will confess truly if u just keep asking him

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