My husband has no time for me and the kids

Dear Diana,
My husband works long hours and often on Sundays, too, he is in office. His office is located in south Mumbai while we stay at the other end -- in Bhayander. We have two daughters (aged seven and five) and have been married for 12 years. We have very little time together -- actually none. I know he loves me and he is a great father but I feel he lives like he is single whose job is only to pay the house bills. How can I get him more involved in household matters?
- Kishwer

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Kishwer,
Your hubby is a workaholic and this is something you will have to live with. There are many people who put work above everything else. From your letter it is not clear if there are financial obligations to be met. But still he needs to be aware that he has to be around for his family -- work is important and so is the family. You can't act like a single parent to your girls. Tell him to take time out from his work on weekends or take an off when work permits. Plan an outing on such days and do stuff that involves all four of you.

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