Q.My husband never responds to messages on WhatsApp. He says it's distracting. Should we speak to a counsellor about this?
A. You're the one who probably needs to speak to a counsellor. Not everyone likes being connected all the time, at the receiving end of jokes, memes and annoying conversations that can be had over a phone call. Give your husband a break, will you?

Q. I love my girlfriend a lot but we just don't have great sex anymore. Should we try a course or something? We don't want to end our relationship just because we are now boring in bed.
A. If the two of you are committed to this relationship, there is absolutely no need for you to end it simply because you don't enjoy the sex anymore. The fact that you still have sex is a great sign, even if it's boring, because it means you both still believe in physical intimacy. Making it better is just a matter of speaking to a sexologist or counsellor and dealing with issues related to sexual enhancement. There are a lot of ways and means of boosting desire, so don't give up yet. Also, consider talking to each other about what turns you both on. You will be surprised at how things can change with a frank, unembarrassed conversation about what you both would like.

Q. I don't know if the relationship I am currently in is beginning to end. Are there early warning signs of difficulties I should look out for?
A. There are a number of early warning signs you should keep an eye out for. The minute your partner stops joint activities, for instance, or recurring feelings of unhappiness on both sides are classic examples. There are also arguments that occur often without any resolution, the tendency to spend more time with other people, and emotional and sexual disconnection. Finally, you can always tell there's a problem if your partner just starts to behave like an ass regularly, for no apparent reason.