'My husband's laptop has sexy pictures of a woman...'

Dear Diana,
My husband often works on his laptop till late night. He says it is office work. Last week, he received a call and stepped out of the room. His laptop was on and I just happened to see that there were numerous images of a semi-clad woman. It was the same female in all the images. I was reeling with shock. I know that he visits porn sites and tells me it is a guy thing, but seeing these almost nude snapshots made me wonder what he was up to. Is he having an affair with this woman? We have been married for five months. I cannot complain about anything as he is caring and loving. Should I ask him about these snapshots or ignore it? His behaviour towards me has not changed. But at the same time, I keep wondering who this woman is. Why is she mailing her snapshots?
-- Rupali

Illustration/ Uday Mohite

Dear Rupali,
If every night there are sexy snapshots popping in his inbox, it is a cause of worry for you. Right now you are suspicious as you do not know for sure. It could be that one of his pals might have sent it to him. You say that he has been visiting porn sites and telling you it is a guy thing. Perhaps your husband wants to be sexually adventurous, but does not know how to go about it. He sees the internet, as most guys do, as a place to satisfy his fantasies. Or maybe he is indulging in it just for fun with his bunch of buddies. You have been married for five months, so there is a likelihood that he does not know how to broach the subject of sexual compatibility with you. You need to talk it over with him. It will also perhaps make you realise what he expects from you in the bedroom. Just tell him that the snapshots popped up. From his reaction, you will know who this woman is.

Diana will solve it!
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