'My husband says I made him go astray...'

Dear Diana,
I've just found out that after an argument with me, my husband went to one of his female pals to relate his sob story. One thing led to another and in the heat of the moment, they found themselves between the sheets. Ever since my husband has been seeking sexual gratification from her. He has confessed that he has been sleeping with her as she gives him a patient ear unlike me. I am appalled by his behaviour. He has the cheek to admit it and even say that this woman is more understanding than me. She is a single woman. He says she makes him feel wanted. I want to move on, but I'm hurt so much that I'm confused. I want him to realise that what he is doing is wrong. I feel betrayed and humiliated. Now my husband has asked me for a divorce, I have told him no. If I agree, it will be an easy way out for him as he wants to be with this other woman.
— Heena

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Heena,
You want to make things difficult for him and do not want to let him go off easily. But this man has already made up his mind and wants to be with this other woman. It is clear that there is nothing left in your marriage and he has admitted to you his feelings for this other woman. Now whatever you do will prove to be futile. Things were going on a downslide and you should have heeded the signals. You can tell him exactly how you feel and what is going on in your mind. Even if you patch up, things will never be the same again as he has set his heart on the other woman. He has his answers ready that you drove him to the extreme and he found solace in this woman's arms. He is no longer interested in you whatever amends you make now will not change the scenario. So get going in your life and ensure that he gives you a good settlement.

Diana will solve it!
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