Dear Diana,
I liked this girl during my college days and we used to hang out together. After postgraduation, her family relocated to Kochi and gradually I lost touch with her. I was upset for a while, but overcame her loss when she wrote to me that she did not think of me as husband material. I picked up the phone and blasted her. There was no contact with her after that even though she did try to get in touch with me, but I did not respond. Life went on, I took up a job and things were fine till I fell in love again with an office colleague. It lasted for six months as she had a big list of dos and don'ts. She did not want anyone to know that we were having an affair, she did not want to hang out with me in public. This put me off and I later changed jobs. A few years down the line, I liked this woman I met through some common pals, but she was engaged so I steered away from her. My family fixed my marriage only to find out that there was someone else on her scene. What do I do?
— Rishabh

Dear Rishabh,
It has been a sad state of affairs as far as your love life is concerned. Just when you think that you have found the ideal woman, things go awry on the scene leading to heartbreak. You may have had a string of broken relationships, but do not give up on love. I am sure you will meet someone who will be yours for keeps. Also, you seem to be wearing your heart on your sleeve, so stop planning a future with any girl you meet. You fall in love too soon, too fast. You have had four heartbreaks, but I am sure you will be lucky fifth time, so do not get disheartened. You will find true love and a woman who will reciprocate your feelings.