Dear Diana,
I was in a relationship with an office colleague for about six months. Even after we broke up, she tried talking to me, but I would disconnect the phone. Later, I felt I had been harsh on her, so made up and began talking to her. Now she tells me that she doesn't want to be in a relationship. To make things worse, she's gone to back to her abusive ex. She just refuses to listen to me now.
— Harit


Dear Harit,
You are getting a taste of your own medicine. You acted difficult with her and cut her out of her life when she tried to make amends and be with you again. Later, you made amends, but you cannot act according to your whims and fancies. When you feel like, you want her or otherwise you don't. It is obvious that she is hitting back at you and on a rebound gone back to her abusive ex. If you really care for her and want her back, apologise that is if she is willing to be a part of your life again. If she does not, go your own way.

Dear Diana,
I'm an engineering student and my girlfriend is studying pharmacy. We have been in a relationship for about a year. All was going well, but suddenly now she is saying that she wants to end the relationship because she feels guilty that she is violating her parents' trust. She says that she doesn't have any problems to be in a relationship, but doesn't want her parents to know about us for now.
— Niranjan

Dear Niranjan,
Your girlfriend is mighty afraid that her folks will find out that she has a boyfriend. It is okay for now, but in the long run they need to know especially before anyone fills their ears with wrong information. Right now you are studying and it is a long way before you make any commitments. So for now let it be, but better be discreet for the time being.