Dear Diana,
I'm a 14-year-old girl. I just can't connect with my mom though I'm very close to my dad. But since he doesn't spend much time at home and I don't have a sibling, I'm left alone. I do understand that my mum loves and cares for me but unlike my friends' mothers, she doesn't chat much. She prefers to keep herself busy with household stuff besides taking crochet and stitching work orders. I wish she was more interactive. Whenever I try to have a conversation with her, it's mostly one-sided and at the end of it, I feel terrible. That's the reason I stay silent nowadays. But deep inside I hope she'll be more forthcoming and less rigid.
- Iris

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Iris,
Your situation is really unique. At your age, most people think that their mothers irritate them with a long list of what to do and what to do. Teenagers feel their parents nag them about studies, etc and wish they could be more independent. Your mother perhaps feel that you are mature enough to handle your life without her interference. Or perhaps your mother is of a quiet nature who loves to immerse herself in household chores. Remember she keeps herself busy with her stitching and crochet work, to supplement the household income. So she is working really hard to make ends meet. Your nature might be more outgoing and you need someone to chat continuously. But as your mother is busy, she has no time for anything else. Tell her how you feel or tell your dad to explain your situation to her. May be if you help her with some housework, she may have time to sit and chat with you.