My mother-in-law is creating havoc in my life

Dear Diana,
I have been married for four years. My husband appears to be no longer interested in me. His mother was against our marriage. Every time she visits us in Mumbai (his folks stay in Meerut), she is always trying to cause trouble between us. Her new thing is to ask when are we having kids. I think we are not emotionally or financially ready for this. This is causing a lot of problems and we are drifting apart. She is doing anything in her power to break us apart and also tries to control me when she is over. Now I have reached such a point that she is creating havoc in my life and is causing me a lot of stress.

Illustration/ Jishu Malakar

Dear Ramola,
You need to have a frank talk with both your husband and your mother-in-law together. Tell them exactly how you feel and be honest. Show your mother-in-law that you really do love her son and try and establish a friendly relationship with her. You need to tell her that you are not emotionally and financially ready for kids yet. Tell your husband your fears too.  However try not to be confrontational or it could make things worse. It's tough but talking about it is the only way out.

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